Philosophy of Care

Dr. Blum's approach to patient care is based on the notion that all aspects of people's lives (physical, emotional, psychological, and social) should be taken into account and seen as a whole with respect to managing health. This means practicing conventional western medicine using a mind-body-spirit approach to diagnosing and treating neurological disease. 

Dr. Blum is not contracted with third parties such as HMO's or PPO's, and thus can provide objective recommendations without the influences, constraints, or restrictions of insurance companies and larger health care organizations. 

Of course, you can still use your own insurance for any labs, imaging, or other tests that may be needed in the course of your evaluation and treatment.

Dr. Blum prides herself on "patient-focused service" which centers around providing exceptional care with easy, direct access to herself.


 "Taking time to take care of you"


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